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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Second Notice from Sky - Update immediately your account or it will be deleted! - SKY

Hello The Classic version of our layout will be replaced by our new version on 07 AM - 9th Feb 2016. So it's time toupgrade, before you lose your all history access. WHEN YOU UPGRADE YOUR ACCOUNT Your service won't be affected and you'll keep all your data, folders and messages. Plus you'll get: * faster services * the latest spam protection HOW YOU CAN UPGRADE YOUR ACCOUNT CLICK HERE TO UPGRADE YOUR ACCOUNT Thanks for choosing us... ..»

Monday, 8 February 2016


PayPal account notice Notice Of Policy Update Dear Customer,Your PayPal account has been limited because we've noticed significant changes in your account activity. As your paymentprocessor, we need to understand these changes better. This account limitation will affect your ability to: * Send or receive money * Withdraw money Also, you won't be able to: * Remove any bank accounts * Remove credit cards * Close you... ..»

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Automated confirmation from Western Union Speedpay - Mary Alonzo

RE: Push Button Commissions This is to remind you of a payment from Push Button Commissions through Western Union Speedpay. PLEASE CLAIM YOUR MONEY HERE You haven't been charged anything.. Someone has just sent you money! Mary Alonzo Taking action is a smart move on your part ... ..»


Your account has been suspended Hi ,Some of the information we use to determine your account security is missing you are required to confirm as soon aspossible.Details:Monday, February 08, 2016 11:16 AM (Central European Summer Time)You are required to review and update missing information*We have temporarily suspended your account to prevent any loss to your account until you securely submit missinginformation: Click below to continue ..»

Saturday, 6 February 2016

The Stages Of A Scam

1. Foundation Work: This is the preparations which are made before the scam is put in motion, including the elaboration of the plan, the employment of assistants and so forth.

2. Approach: Is the manner of getting in touch with the scammers victim — often most elaborately and carefully prepared.

3. Build Up: Rousing and sustaining the interest of the victim, rousing his emotions, showing him the chance of profit and filling him so full of anticipation and cupidity that his judgment is warped and his caution thrown away.

4. Pay-off or Convincer: An actual or apparent paying of money by the conspirators to convince the victim and settle doubts by a cash demonstration.

5. The Hurrah: This is like the dénouement in a play and no scam or con scheme is complete without it. It is a sudden crisis or unexpected development by which the victim is pushed over the last doubt or obstacle and forced to act. Once the hurrah is sprung the victim is clay in the scammer's hands or there is no game.

6. The In-and-In: This is the point in a scam act where the conspirator may put some of his money into the deal with that of the victim; first, to remove the last doubt that may tarry in the gull's mind.