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Beware Of ScammersA scammer is a person perpetrates a swindle; a swindler. It is a person who defrauds or attempts to defraud another after first gaining their confidence. They can also be referred to as a confidence artist or a con artist. These individuals operate alone or in concert with others in their attepmts to defraud others.

In a typical scam or swindle, the scammer gives the victim his/her own confidence, encouraging the victim to in turn trust him/her. The scammer thus poses as a trustworthy person seeking another trustworthy person.

Below Are A Few Reports Of Scammers Activities

Scammers contact a resident by phone, try to convince the resident that there's a problem with his or her computer and to log on and give the scammer remote access, the agency said.

The scammers are abusing a feature in Skype that by default allows users to receive unsolicited calls from any other Skype user.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

NATWEST - National

You have received this email because you or someone had used your account from different locations. For securitypurpose, we are required to open an investigation into this matter. In order to safeguard your account, we require you to confirm your bank details. To help speed up this process, pleaseaccess the following link so we can complete the verification of your Natwest Banking Account registration information. To get started, please click the link below. ..»

your apple account has been limited ! - apple

Dear Apple Customer, To get back into your apple account, you'll need to confirm your account . It's easy: Click the link below to open asecure browser window. Confirm that you're the owner of the account and then follow the instructions. Before log in your account will be Confirme d, let us know right away. * Reporting it is important because it helps us prevent fraudsters from stealing your information. Yours sincerely,... ..»

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Account Alert: Please Read - Microsoft

Your Today\'s Deals See All Departments DEAR CUSTOMER, During our usual security enhancement protocol, we observed multiple login attempt error while login in to your onlineAmazon account. We have believed that someone other than you is trying to access your account for security reasons, we have temporarily suspend your account and your access to online Amazon and will be restricted if you fail to update, Click... ..»

Monday, 21 July 2014

eBay Customer Support made a decision - eBay

EBAY SENT THIS MESSAGE. Your registered name is included to show this message originated from eBay. Learn more. eBay Customer Support made a decision Hi member, eBay Customer Support has reviewed the case and made a final decision. We issued a full refund of 131.00 on JUL 20, 2014 to the buyer. As described in the eBay Buyer Protection program, therefund includes the purchase price, plus original shipping. This amount will be deducted from yo... ..»

This is the last chance to update your paypal account information ! - PayPal

h YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN TEMPORARILY BLOCKED Hello dear client To access back to your PayPal account, you will reactive your account within the next 24 hours. Nothing is easier ! * Click the link below to open a secure browser window. * Follow the instructions. Activation link If you do not activate your account in the next 24 hours your account will be permanently deleted. Aide | Security spacePlease do not ... ..»

Sunday, 20 July 2014

You Must Confirm Your Amazon Account Before We Close it - AMAZON

Hello , Thank you for shopping with us. Wed like to let you know that We need to confirm your account information, youmust confirm your amazon account before we close it . Click the link below to confirm your account information using oursecure server Confirm Now : If you want moreinformation or need more assistance, go to Help. Thank you for shopping with us. Unless otherwise noted,items sold ... ..»

The Stages Of A Scam

1. Foundation Work: This is the preparations which are made before the scam is put in motion, including the elaboration of the plan, the employment of assistants and so forth.

2. Approach: Is the manner of getting in touch with the scammers victim — often most elaborately and carefully prepared.

3. Build Up: Rousing and sustaining the interest of the victim, rousing his emotions, showing him the chance of profit and filling him so full of anticipation and cupidity that his judgment is warped and his caution thrown away.

4. Pay-off or Convincer: An actual or apparent paying of money by the conspirators to convince the victim and settle doubts by a cash demonstration.

5. The Hurrah: This is like the dénouement in a play and no scam or con scheme is complete without it. It is a sudden crisis or unexpected development by which the victim is pushed over the last doubt or obstacle and forced to act. Once the hurrah is sprung the victim is clay in the scammer's hands or there is no game.

6. The In-and-In: This is the point in a scam act where the conspirator may put some of his money into the deal with that of the victim; first, to remove the last doubt that may tarry in the gull's mind.